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Our Hagie STS1600 has been retrofitted with a Greeneye selective spraying system (SSP) which transformed it from a standard, broadcast sprayer into a smart sprayer that will use camera vision, artificial intelligence, and deep learning to revolutionize application practices. Cameras mounted along the boom capture high-resolution images of the field, which are then fed back to the system’s graphics processing units (GPUs). The GPUs calculate the exact amount of product required and signal to the appropriate nozzles to open, spraying only the targeted area. Spraying with Greeneye can be carried out at the same travel speed as broadcast spraying – 15 mph – ensuring no reduction in productivity for growers.

When selective spraying applications are not necessary, dual lines and nozzles at 10-inch spacing give us the ability to specifically apply value- added products such as biologicals, fungicides, and micronutrients directly over the row using the precision line, while applying broadcast products through the main line. This will help growers spread out input dollars and boost crop production potential.


  • Dual Line: Allows us to broadcast apply one set of crop protection products through a main spray line while simultaneously applying a second set of crop protection products through a site- specific spray line providing unrivaled efficiency.
  • Precision-Line Spray Tank: Having a separate spray tank on the sprayer allows us to use our full 1,600-gallon main tank capacity, effectively reducing load frequency.
  • Data Collection and Scouting Reports: While traveling through the field, the Greeneye system will use artificial intelligence to identify and map weed densities, take crop stand counts, and eventually document nutrient deficiencies, insects, and disease presence.


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