Propane Safety

Here To Advocate For Safety

What you need to know:

Propane fuel drives a large part of our agriculture operations, be it heat, grain drying, climate control for livestock or countless other applications. Propane safety, handling, and storage are paramount to NuWay–K&H Cooperative. As advocates for the safety of you and of your operation, we always remind our member-owners:

  • Learn to recognize the unique smell of propane
  • Always remove yourself from your home or the suspected source of the leak
  • Call your supplier or 9-1-1 if you suspect a leak, using a phone a safe distance from your house or the source of the leak
  • Do not attempt to find the leak or do your own repairs
  • Do not turn on lights inside the home, use a telephone or light matches

It’s also important to know that any extreme weather like wind, hail or flooding can pose a threat to dislodge a tank source or a line. Propane can also be vulnerable from surrounding debris, brush or vegetation that is combustible. So keep your area around your tank clear.


For more information on the safe handling,
storage and usage of propane go to:

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