Energy to Drive Your Livelihood

We all know that energy is what drives our lives. Whether it’s for your farm operation, heating your home or keeping your trucking fleet on the road, energy is essential to moving our businesses and lives forward.

With Cenex™ Top Tier products and everything from diesel, gasoline, propane and lubricants to oil, grease, fluids, antifreezes – and even warranty programs, NuWay-K&H Cooperative is ready to meet your seasonal and year-round energy needs with people who know how to deliver.


Energy and Fuel Services

NuWay-K&H Cooperative energy services offers a broad range of energy products for farm, home, and commercial delivery. Our account managers and energy team have a deep knowledge of the industry and are up to date on current market conditions, supply chain challenges and global economics that can affect you and your bottom line.

That’s why we not only offer tested and proven products, we build long term relationships with our clients, provide high value, quick response times, competitive pricing and flexible programs to help you manage the risk of the unknowns.


Contact Your Energy Account Manager

Ask an energy account manager about the program that best fits you.

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