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FarmRx Precision Ag Services

In any ag economy, every penny matters. That’s why precision application and field-by-field management is crucial to your ROI. Our FarmRx precision ag team works with you on data compilation, analysis and making decisions that make the most of your information and data. We explore the best mix of your existing systems with new ideas and services to maximize the profitability of every acre.

New Technology and Data Management

Since 1995, we’ve been on the leading edge of bringing new technology and data management to growers faster and more efficiently than any other supplier in our region.

Using multiple products, software brands and technology we match our recommendations to the unique needs of your fields and use that data to improve what we do for you during the current and future growing seasons.

Data management services include:

  • Grid Soil Sampling
  • DataLink – Data Management Systems
  • Variable Rate Planting Prescriptions
  • Adapt-N Nitrogen Management
  • Nutrisolutions Tissue Sampling
  • Climate FieldView Support
  • GIS Services
  • Soil EC/OM Mapping
  • In-field monitor support
  • Site-specific Application Prescriptions
  • Tissue Testing and Analysis
  • Farmer Enrolled Carbon Program Management

Product Spotlight: AdaptN


Adapt N

Adapt N is a crop model that uses data points such as weather, soil and grower practices to help you predict nitrogen needs. With this information, you can make informed nitrogen management decisions on a field-by-field basis.

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