Seed and Seed Products 

NuWay-K&H Cooperative agronomy and seed services are focused on carrying providing the very best corn and soybean products from multiple brands for your acre. We not only develop great relationships with our seed partners, we stay educated on the latest seed technology innovations to keep your operation on the leading edge. Our cooperative plots put our products to the test and help guide product selection and placement decisions.

Seed Science Down to the Acre

In talking seed science, we often begin with the benefits of fully-traited seed, which offers maximum protection against pests and disease. However, your account manager will explore all options with you and determine if a different seed trait package is more cost effective for your particular situation.

We also have the facilities to treat and inoculate your corn and soybean seed to give you the highest possible yields and offset risk.

NuWay-K&H Cooperative has the knowledge to guide you to your best options - and great seed partners to help make it happen.


Plot Data

If you would like to become a cooperator in the next collection or for a personalized plot visit please contact your NuWay-K&H Agronomy Account Manager or Levi Kermes to arrange.


In 2023, we have four corn plots in Fairmont, Sherburn, St. James and Leavenworth. We also have two soybean plots in Fairmont and Sherburn. Thanks to our cooperators for their support in making these plots happen.  We look forward to seeing how these plots perform and collecting local data to help drive future seed decisions. 

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