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May 24 2024

Combating Early Season Weed Growth with Greeneye Selective Spraying (2024)

As the 2024 crop season begins, growers are facing a familiar foe – early weed establishment before crops even get in the ground. Thanks to an abundance of warm temperatures and rainfall this spring in our territory, fields are already seeing aggressive growth from tough weeds like giant ragweed, kochia, lambsquarters and more. Fortunately, there […]

May 22 2024

Energy Market Update – May 22, 2024

Oil and products are lower today as the market looks to continue this week’s slide. Worries surrounding economic conditions and fuel demand due to higher interest rates along with expectations that the FED will not cut rates until fall at the earliest is weighing on prices. Further insights into the FED’s policy could be seen […]

May 9 2024

Living the Cooperative Way: NuWay-K&H Gives Back to Trimont’s First Responders

At the core of the cooperative model is a commitment to strengthening our local communities. We strive to be active community members, reinvesting resources to benefit the areas we serve. Recently, we had the opportunity to support the Trimont Ambulance Service, an organization that our community depends on! Through a combined donation of $8,000 from […]

Apr 17 2024

Road Safety Tips for Rural Communities

Living in rural communities means increased farm traffic on the roadway in the spring. Farmers spend an estimated 50 hours a year moving equipment on public roads. Most paved roads are 18 to 20 feet wide and 70 percent of farm machinery is more than 13 feet wide. According to statistics from MN DOT, there […]

Apr 15 2024

The Benefits of Lower Carbon Intensity (CI) Corn Farming

Why Carbon Intensity Scores Matter More Than Ever In recent years, measuring carbon intensity – the greenhouse gas emissions generated throughout a product’s life cycle – has become a big deal in agriculture, especially for corn grown for ethanol. Major ethanol producers like Valero, POET, and Green Plains are prioritizing corn with a low carbon […]

Apr 10 2024

Energy Market Update – April 10, 2024

Markets are starting to find some direction since the release of the DOE (Department Of Energy Report) came out this morning (see chart below). With a more than expected build on crude, diesel and gas markets have started to soften. The last two days we have seen a little bit of a downward trend so […]
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