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Sep 15 2023

Corn Rootworm Management: 2023 Agricultural Season Update

Corn Rootworm Management In this agronomic report, we aim to address the challenges posed by corn rootworm infestations throughout the current season. A pivotal aspect of managing the corn rootworm population involves targeting the larvae shortly after their emergence from eggs, while they are still no larger than 1/8″. During this critical period, a well-timed …

Corn Rootworm Management: 2023 Agricultural Season Update Read More »

Jul 31 2023

Energy Market Update: July 28, 2023

It appears the bulls are in control of the market. The uptrend began July 19th and has been up every day since on crude and distillate, gas had one minor down day, other than that it is all on the upside. This morning the market was fairly quiet, and thoughts were that maybe traders would …

Energy Market Update: July 28, 2023 Read More »

Jul 17 2023

Energy Market Update: July 14, 2023

Energy Market Update: July 14, 2023 Production shutdowns in Libya and Nigeria have led to strain on inventories and strengthened demand for US crude. Libya is shut down due to protest at some of their oil fields. This has resulted in halting nearly 370K barrels per day. Shell shut down Nigeria’s loading into a terminal. …

Energy Market Update: July 14, 2023 Read More »

Jun 2 2023

Energy Market Update: June 2, 2023

Late Thursday, the Senate passed a House-approved bill to raise the debt ceiling, sending the legislation to President Joe Biden. He is expected to sign it into law today and address the nation at 7 p.m. ET. The market had been fairly quiet this week, seeming to hold its’ breath until the decision passed, or …

Energy Market Update: June 2, 2023 Read More »

May 19 2023

Energy Market Update: May 19, 2023

Energy markets are seeing gains across the board this morning. There are multiple contributing factors this week. Here are a couple of headlines we are watching. U.S. debt ceiling,  Fed rate hikes scheduled for June, China demand, wildfires in Canada. These issues were enough to push markets higher even though we had a good Department …

Energy Market Update: May 19, 2023 Read More »

May 11 2023

Going Hog Wild

We believe being a part of a community means giving back to that community. We want to be an employer of choice and provide opportunities for our team and their families to thrive in the hometowns we serve. We don’t donate, serve or volunteer to wave our own flag. It’s part of our DNA. Whether …

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