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Feb 13 2024

The 7 Cooperative Principles That Guide Shared Member Value

Cooperatives are member-owned businesses that operate around the world and across all industries. Despite the difference in industry or geographic location there are 7, common principles that guide cooperatives. These principles differentiate the cooperative system from other business models by prioritizes member value and a shared stake in their collective success. What are these 7 […]

Feb 9 2024

Energy Market Update – February 9, 2024

It has been a wild week for refined fuel to say the least, the exception being Monday, which was slightly down. Every day since has seen minimal to large gains in crude and in products. Today that trend continues, this morning was fairly quiet, but at the time of this writing distillate is up $.05 […]

Jan 26 2024

Energy Market Update – January 26, 2024

The energy markets continue to be highly volatile. In today’s Energy Market update we will discuss the news that is driving these markets. The Red Sea. There have been multiple attacks on shipping vessels in the Red Sea by the Houthi militia group. They have vowed to continue attacks until aid reaches Palestinians in Gaza. […]

Dec 29 2023

Energy Market Update – December 29, 2023

There is a lot to unpack in todays update. At the beginning of December, we saw steady drops for an extended period. Mid-December is when the swing started to occur, and the bulls stayed strong until Christmas. The last few days have finally shown a pullback. Will this last? Hard to say as there are […]

Dec 18 2023

Propane Policies and Usage

Our Policy When you become a NuWay-K&H propane customer, you choose your delivery status preference for each tank we will supply to either Will Call or Scheduled. If you are a Will Call customer, that means you monitor your tanks and are responsible for ordering your own propane. We recommend calling when your tank is […]

Dec 12 2023

Energy Market Update – December 12, 2023

Chinese refiners demand for Saudi Aramco crude oil for January is the lowest in five months. Higher than expected prices prompted buyers to look for cheaper supply. About 40 million barrels were nominated by Chinese refiners for January loading, this is down from about 46 million for December, trading sources said. This is the lowest […]
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