As-Applied Data Policy 

Today’s application equipment can collect vast quantities of data, and there are a lot of benefits that can be derived by collecting and utilizing this information.  During our relationship and interactions together, NuWay Agronomy’s application equipment may collect application information when applying acres within your operation.  NuWay Agronomy respects your concerns about data privacy, and will utilize all reasonable measures and precautions necessary in order to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the information collected on your acres. 

When hiring NuWay Agronomy for custom application services, you understand and agree to the following:

  • NuWay Agronomy, at their own discretion, has the option to collect or not collect as-applied data during an application or operation.
  • Custom Application charges paid to NuWay Agronomy in no way reflect charges associated with the collection and processing of as-applied data, and collection and delivery of as applied data to the grower that hired NuWay Agronomy is not inferred.
  • As-applied data is created and collected using equipment that NuWay Agronomy leases or owns at the time of data collection, and therefore such data is owned by NuWay Agronomy.
  • At NuWay Agronomy’s discretion, a physical or digital copy of the collected as-applied data, in whole or in part, may be provided to the grower that hired NuWay Agronomy for custom application services.  It is understood that growers are only purchasing processed copies of the as-applied data, and that NuWay Agronomy maintains ownership of the raw data.  Additional fees may apply for data provided.
  • As-applied data collected by NuWay Agronomy will be stored for an indefinite time period and may be deleted at any time at NuWay’s discretion.

Data Uses and Onward Transfer of Data – NuWay Agronomy may utilize or distribute as applied data we collect with our application equipment in any fashion deemed appropriate by NuWay Agronomy, however, NuWay understands that as-applied data may at times contain Client/Farm/Field specific information and NuWay will take all reasonable precautions necessary to protect you and your operation’s identity in accordance with industry standards. 

NuWay Agronomy reserves the right to change and amend this As-Applied Data Collection, Usage, and Ownership Policy at any time and without notice.  To obtain a copy of our current policy, or to ask questions regarding this policy, please contact NuWay Agronomy at 1-800-445-4118 or 507-639-2311.  You can also review this policy at any time on our website –

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