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We believe in being good stewards of the land

We are committed to promoting sustainable agriculture practices that not only benefit our farmers and member-owners but also contribute to a healthier planet for future generations. As a trusted partner in your farming journey, we embrace the principles of sustainable farming and are dedicated to helping you achieve more while using fewer resources.



Our Sustainability Approach


At the heart of our cooperative lies a strong commitment to sustainable agriculture. We believe that it is possible to increase crop yields and profitability while also minimizing environmental impact. Here's how we do it:

  • Precision Agriculture: We utilize the latest technology and data-driven insights to optimize planting, crop nutrient, and crop protection inputs. By focusing on precision, we reduce waste and maximize productivity.

  • Soil Health: Healthy soil is the foundation of any successful farm. We provide guidance on improving soil health through proper crop rotation, cover cropping, and reduced tillage methods.

  • Crop Protection: We emphasize integrated pest management and eco-friendly pest control measures to protect your crops efficiently and responsibly.

  • Truterra Program: The Truterra program exists to highlight and quantify what you are doing on your operation to be sustainable. Truterra is also a resource for accessing products, applications, and programs that will open your operation up to new markets and premiums.

  • Application Services: Beyond the standard services, we also offer sustainability focused services like Selective Spraying with Greeneye Technology, Y-drop/Undercover, and Strip-Till. These services focus on getting the most out of your crop with precise input utilization and less disruption to your soil.

Energy & Operations

We recognize our responsibility in helping shape the future of energy. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond providing clean and efficient energy solutions; it's at the core of everything we do. 

  • Equipment Upsizing: We are dedicated to researching and implementing cutting-edge technologies that reduce our carbon footprint by allowing us to deliver a more diverse product selection and increased volumes per trip.

  • Optimized Routing: We leverage the latest technology and GPS tracking in our equipment to efficiently route our deliveries and reduce miles on the road.

  • Automated Fuel Delivery: AFD allows us to deliver premium fuel efficiently and effectively while reducing our carbon footprint. Here’s how it works: a fuel sensor and electronic tank monitoring system are installed in your fuel tank. When the fuel drops to a predetermined level, a refill signal goes to our fuel distribution center and a truck is automatically sent to fill your tank.

  • Tank Sizing: The right size tank is crucial to your operation. We work with you to determine the proper sized storage tank. Paired with our tank monitoring system, we’re able to reduce our miles on the road and ensure you never run out.

  • Premium Products: We deliver premium Cenex products which boast 40% increased effectiveness in breaking down engine deposits, up to 5% better fuel economy, up to 4.5% more engine power, and are 2.5x more effective in cleaning up injector deposits while preventing build-up (source:

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid: the use of DEF reduces the amount of emissions let off by a diesel engine. We provide DEF and deliver with our DEF cart. 
Strip Till

The Future is Closer than it Appears

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at what we offer today. With new offers coming to market related to Carbon Intensity, new companies emerging in our industry, and new sustainable products such as green ammonia and green diesel, we are here to answer questions on programs and practices that best suit your farm.


Find out more about our sustain program!

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