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NuWay–K&H Cooperative’s brand vision is to be:

A Diversified Partner To You and Your Community Delivering Exceptional Value Through Knowledge and Innovation.

Yes, we offer seed, fuel, precision ag and technology in Minnesota and Iowa, but what we really deliver is value. When you have a trusted advisor, you can add efficiency to your operation, manage the risks of your expenses and know you have an advocate in NuWay–K&H Cooperative. That's the cooperative model. When you do better, we all do better.

You Could Say We’re In the Answer Business

Agronomy, precision ag, energy and fuel are each part of the diverse range of services offered by NuWay–K&H Cooperative. We’re also here to provide answers to things like market fluctuations, best practices, technology trends and insights on all the variables that affect your operation and profitability.

We have a lot of tools to help us do that. But we’ve got even better people. And when we don’t have the immediate answer, you can bet we will not rest until we find the best solution.


Building relationships by emphasizing value, excellent service, and competitive pricing.

Energy Market Updates


Delivering Knowledge and Innovation for your specific operation.

New Service Available To You

With the increasing interest among growers in our area regarding the practice of strip-till, we decided to offer strip-till as a service starting in the Fall of 2023. This fall we are running a Soil Warrior 4540 SED3. This machine is 40 feet, 16 rows, and has 3 bins available for a dry fertilizer system. Talk with your Agronomy Account Manager to see if strip-till makes sense to try on your operation.

Precision Ag

Delivering Knowledge and Innovation for your specific operation.

Optimize Your Nitrogen

Adapt-N maximizes the potential for every unit of N on your corn crop by optimizing nitrogen use efficiency. By employing multiple data points specific to your individual fields it creates variable rate nitrogen recommendations automatically every 24 hours. These recommendations are based on years of university-backed research and over a decade of successful use by agronomists. The recommendations are also flexible and can be adjusted to fit your specific needs whether that be an increased yield expectation or budget considerations.

Nitrogen is one of the highest input costs for farms today and continues to fluctuate. Make sure to maximize your investment in nitrogen by minimizing N loss and maintaining or increasing yield. Through the use of Adapt-N you will ensure that every pound of N goes where it’s needed, when it's needed, and at the right rate to hit your yield goals.

Contact your NuWay Agronomy Account Manager or our FarmRx team if you are interested in this program.

Futures & Weather


Upgrading Fuel Storage

July 26, 2023

Upgrading Fuel Storage By: Justin Coyle, Energy Operations Director As we move through summer and closer to fall, please take this time to reach out to your NuWay-K&H Energy Account Manager about any LP or refined fuel storage needs you may have. Upsizing your fuel storage is a great way to ensure you have the […]

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Fungicides: When to Spray

July 26, 2023

Fungicides: When to Spray By: John Sandmeyer, Seed, Crop Protection & Nutrients, Products Director “The ideal timing for corn fungicide is at full tassel.” “How do I know if I should spray a fungicide or not?” This is a question we get quite often. I also hear statements like: “I don’t think I see anything […]

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Investing in More Rail Storage

July 26, 2023

Investing in More Rail Storage By: Jake Oldenburg, VP Operations “With more rail storage we’ll have greater flexibility and not have to rely as much on trucking.” Fortunately, NuWay-K&H’s membership, board and leadership team is not only looking at today or next year—but at the future. We’re making plans to serve our customers long-term, and […]

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Plan Service Work Ahead of Time

July 26, 2023

Plan Service Work Ahead of Time If you know of any refined fuels or propane system work you need done before fall, let us know as soon as possible. This includes setting new tanks, trenching lines, plumbing hog barns, or setting up generators before the winter season. We want to make sure your needs get […]

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