2024 Intern Introductions

Derek Russenberger, Agronomy Account Manager

Each summer, NuWay-K&H Cooperative hires interns to assist our member-owners in collecting data and field samples. This extra help makes it possible for us to make informed decisions about in-season management of yield potential.

Throughout the summer, our interns play a role in various services we offer, such as completing timely tissue and nitrate sampling and running our Veris iScan.

We also like to hear feedback from interns throughout the summer and to learn what they are interested in. We give each one of them valuable information they can take with them in their future careers.

For the summer of 2024, we have three interns who will help us acquire information useful to our growers: Allison Schwieger, Gavin Junkermeier, and Kollin Anderson.

Allison Schwieger

Allison interned with us last year, and we are excited to have her back for the summer of 2024! Allison currently attends South Dakota State University where she is pursuing a major in agronomy.

This summer Allison will tackle a variety of tasks, including helping Hannah and Tyler in our FarmRx division. She’ll conduct Veris EC scans, work with data management, and take a closer look at the agronomics in new trial products.

Gavin Junkermeier

Gavin interned with us last year, and we are excited to have him back again for the summer of 2024, also! Gavin currently attends South Dakota State University where he is pursuing a major in precision agriculture.

This summer, NuWay-K&H Cooperative is looking into different systems for in-field tissue sampling in corn. Gavin will be in charge of taking and analyzing the results of the samples, as well as scouting the field for visual nutrient deficiencies.

Kollin Anderson

Kollin will be graduating from St. James High School in June. Kollin is pursuing a degree in agriculture next fall.

This summer, Kollin will help take tissue and soil samples that we use in our Adapt-N systems. Along with this, Kollin will identify nutrient deficiencies, identify weeds, and help determine insect pressure and set thresholds for them.


Please greet these valuable people when you see them in your fields.

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