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The 7 Cooperative Principles That Guide Shared Member Value

Cooperatives are member-owned businesses that operate around the world and across all industries. Despite the difference in industry or geographic location there are 7, common principles that guide cooperatives. These principles differentiate the cooperative system from other business models by prioritizes member value and a shared stake in their collective success. What are these 7 […]

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Managing SCN Resistance

JOHN SANDMEYER, Seed, Crop Protection & Nutrients Products Director Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is the leading cause of soybean yield loss in North America, resulting in over 100 million bushels lost yearly, with an average loss of 5.1 bu./A. (Source: BASF) SCN is present in nearly all soybean geographies and continues to spread. With this

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Best Lubricant Prices

NuWay-K&H Energy Account Managers The Annual NuWay-K&H Oil Sale is in full swing. All packaged or bulk lubricants, including grease, are on sale from November through February. This is a good time to fill at a discounted price going into spring—and perhaps for the entire crop production season. Most products are reduced in price by

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Carbon Intensity

Jeff Crissinger, VP of Agronomy sales / marketing “Low CI grain . . . could return $70/A to the farmer.” Carbon intensity scoring and its potential financial value has become a more engaging topic in recent months. What is carbon intensity, why is it important, and how might it benefit you? Here are a few

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What We Saw in Your Fields

NuWay-K&H AGRONOMY ACCOUNT MANAGERS The biggest thing we saw throughout our territory this year was yield variability that was related to the water-holding capacity of the soil. Heavier soil typically did better. Also, where the rain fell or didn’t fall often translated into higher or lower yields. A precipitation map of our territory over the

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