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What’s Your Tillage Strategy?

There is increasing interest among growers in our area regarding the practice of strip-till.  In response to this increasing demand, NuWay K&H Cooperative has begun offering strip-till as a service starting in the Fall of 2023.  Have you considered devoting a certain number of your acres to strip-till farming? Strip-Till Explained The aim of strip-till […]

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Corn Rootworm Management: 2023 Agricultural Season Update

Corn Rootworm Management In this agronomic report, we aim to address the challenges posed by corn rootworm infestations throughout the current season. A pivotal aspect of managing the corn rootworm population involves targeting the larvae shortly after their emergence from eggs, while they are still no larger than 1/8″. During this critical period, a well-timed

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WE’RE FINISHING 2023 STRONG by: Kevin Jones, President/CEO We just finished our six-month financial review of Fiscal 2023. Halfway through the year, NuWay-K&H Cooperative is exceeding all budget targets. We expect to finish 2023 strong. On the agronomy side, 80% of our yearly business is done in the fall, so once we’re through this six-month


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