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Elmore Fueling Site Open

Elmore Fueling Site Open By: Al Seckinger, VP of Retail Operations I have good news for you. Our newly upgraded Elmore, MN fueling site officially began dispensing diesel fuel and gas on a 24-hour basis to customers at the end of May. In addition to new lines and pumps, Elmore features a new 12,000-gallon above …

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Upgrading Fuel Storage

Upgrading Fuel Storage By: Justin Coyle, Energy Operations Director As we move through summer and closer to fall, please take this time to reach out to your NuWay-K&H Energy Account Manager about any LP or refined fuel storage needs you may have. Upsizing your fuel storage is a great way to ensure you have the …

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Fungicides: When to Spray

Fungicides: When to Spray By: John Sandmeyer, Seed, Crop Protection & Nutrients, Products Director “The ideal timing for corn fungicide is at full tassel.” “How do I know if I should spray a fungicide or not?” This is a question we get quite often. I also hear statements like: “I don’t think I see anything …

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Investing in More Rail Storage

Investing in More Rail Storage By: Jake Oldenburg, VP Operations “With more rail storage we’ll have greater flexibility and not have to rely as much on trucking.” Fortunately, NuWay-K&H’s membership, board and leadership team is not only looking at today or next year—but at the future. We’re making plans to serve our customers long-term, and …

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Our 2023 Greeneye Technology Experience

Our 2023 Greeneye Technology Experience By: Jeff Crissinger, VP of Agronomy Sales / Marketing On March 18, 2023, our Hagie STS1600 arrived back at our Welcome facility after being retrofitted in Oregon with a Greeneye™ Technology selective spraying system. Since that time, we’ve learned a lot about the Greeneye system in particular and selective spraying …

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Yield Enhancement Trials Underway

Yield Enhancement Trials Underway This season, NuWay-K&H Agronomy has been utilizing the technology we have within our Greeneye™-equipped Hagie sprayer to apply yield enhancement products in a banded fashion on corn and soybean trials. With 10” nozzle spacing, we can turn every third nozzle on, which allows us to spray directly over the canopy of …

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Interns Assist Growers

Interns Assist Growers By: Derrek Russenberger, Nuway-K&H Agronomy Account Manager / Intern Coordinator Each year NuWay-K&H Cooperative hires interns to assist our grower-owners in collectingdata and field samples. Their help allows growers and their agronomy account manager’s to make well-informed decisions on in-season management of yield potential. Throughout the summer, these interns participate in various …

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