27 Years With One Company

27 Years With One Company

Our company was built on the know-how and wisdom of our most senior employees. For this reason, we are saddened but also thankful whenever any of them, like Randy, retires.

What kept Randy Boyken working at the same company for 27 years? “I just liked the people I worked for and worked with,” he states. “Another nice thing is that my office was fairly close to where I live.” Randy currently lives in Britt, IA, about 10 miles away from the cooperative’s office in Wesley, IA.

Randy grew up in Titonka, IA. After graduating high school, he worked at a gas station, an elevator (delivering diesel fuel and gas) and a meat packing plant. Then, in 1996, he took a job with K&H Energy Cooperative.

“For 8 years, I hauled propane,” he states, “but in 2002, I injured my knee, and the company asked if I’d work in the office while I healed. That temporary assignment turned into a permanent position. Randy has worked in the office ever since.

Randy started hand-billing customers for diesel and propane deliveries, but as computers took over much of this work, his job turned to tasks like billing C-store and cardtrol purchases, and reconciling credit card receipts. He also issues new gas cards, fills propane cylinders for grills, and orders parts for customers’ heaters. “I enjoy working with customers, trying to fill their needs,” he states.

In 2018, K&H Energy merged with NuWay Cooperative, and Randy continued working for the combined organization.

Randy officially retired on June 30 of this year. As for family, he has a younger sister living in Cedar Falls, IA. He also like’s riding his Harley Davidson and playing “a little golf” in the summertime.

In retirement, Randy says he’ll probably do some things around the house that he’s been neglecting and play more golf than usual. “Then I’ll probably go out and find a part-time job,” he states. “I’ll need something to do so I don’t go crazy.”

Thanks for lending your talent and experience to NuWay-K&H Cooperative, Randy. We’ll cheer you on in the future.

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