Hannah Ammann and Tyler Brolsma, FarmRX Site Specific Ag Specialists

Have you been using climate-smart practices like reduced tillage, cover crops, or both in your corn or soybean farming operation? We have good news for you. You may be eligible to receive a minimum of $2/A and up to $30/metric ton of carbon sequestered in your soil going forward. And, if you were an early adopter of these conservation practices, you could potentially be reimbursed for carbon captured in the past.

For six years, NuWay-K&H Cooperative has worked alongside Land O’ Lakes Truterra to bring the best options to our growers who have been implementing climate-smart practices on their farms. In 2021 and 2022, Truterra paid growers just beginning to adopt climate-smart practices more than $9 million for more than 462,000 metric tons of carbon sequestered.

Starting with the 2024 growing season, Truterra is expanding their “carbon” program. Long-term adopters, growers who used conservation practices before 2021, may qualify to sell their carbon credits to Truterra in the same way as growers just getting started.

What makes this new opportunity more attractive is that the data collected only needs to go back to 2018. Your FarmRx site specific ag specialists will help you pull that data together.

How to Get Started

  1. Go to to complete the pre-enrollment form—remember to put NuWay-K&H Cooperative as your Truterra network provider. NOTE: The enrollment period runs
    Dec. 1, 2023 – July 31, 2024.
  2. Create a MyPortal account. This is where you will enter field boundaries and complete the basic field level data (i.e. crop rotation, tillage practices, and cover crop).
  3. Reach out to NuWay-K&H Cooperative (your Truterra retailer) to figure out your next steps, including designing a sustainability plan that fits your operation. Contact either your agronomy account manager or one of the cooperative’s FarmRx site specific ag specialists: Hannah at 507-848-1725 or Tyler at 507-848-2192.

As we continue to offer these programs to our growers, you can begin to see the benefits of having your data readily available. We’ll work alongside you for the entire enrollment process and beyond.


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