Justin Coyle, Energy Operations Director

Are you familiar with our Even Pay Program? Even Pay allows for 12 even monthly payments to cover your LP heating costs. Even Pay can save you from paying a larger delivery bill at one time and spreads the expense over an entire year. This is a fantastic way to budget your heating costs.

Joining the Even Pay Program will also add your tank to our routing list, which will help monitor your tank level and save any Out of Gas order fees.

To join the program or just to learn more about Even Pay, call your Energy Account Manager or Tricia Knudson at 507-639-7134.

Scheduling 2024 Service Projects

Like other years, customers with LP service projects should call Matt Zadow at 507-639-7123. This goes for any dryer set-up changes, hog barn construction, and house or shop construction that would require either adding LP lines or new tank sets.  One other service we offer is LP Line Locating, which should be done if any construction like landscaping or even tree removal is taking place in the area where an LP line could be.  If you know of any upcoming work that you’ll need, please reach out to Matt so you can be added to our schedule.

Regulator Replacement

In our last newsletter, I promised this time to talk about replacement of LP regulators 25 years and older. As we continue to work on the details of this program, I don’t have a lot of new information to share. Once new information is available, we’ll make sure we get that communicated with the customers whose regulators meet the criteria for replacement.

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