Propane Policies and Usage

Our Policy
When you become a NuWay-K&H propane customer, you choose your delivery status preference for each tank we will supply to either Will Call or Scheduled. If you are a Will Call customer, that means you monitor your tanks and are responsible for ordering your own propane. We recommend calling when your tank is around 30 percent, remember that our minimum delivery requirement is 300 gallons. From the day your order is placed, you’ll need to allow us up to 2 business days to deliver your propane, so please plan accordingly. If you are a Scheduled customer we deliver your propane to you when your tank is around 30 percent with no prior notification. We ask Scheduled customers to still monitor your tanks and give us a call if you see it get to 20 percent. If you have additional questions on our policies, please read them here.
Propane and Temperature
Propane gas can expand and your propane tank needs room to allow for it. That’s where the 80/20 rule for propane safety comes in. When we make a delivery, we will only fill your tank to 80 percent. That 20 percent of empty space in your tank is the room for expansion of propane gas. Propane safety is why your NuWay-K&H propane delivery driver will not fill your propane tank more than 80 percent full.
Propane Usage
As we enter the cold season, we often get customers calling in when their tank is at 40-50 percent. While we know that may seem alarming, we want to assure you that 40 percent in your tank is plenty of propane to fuel your home. The average household uses 1-2% a day during the heating season. You can find more about your energy usage in our portal by clicking here.
Final Reminders
When the snow begins to fall we want to remind our customers of a few safety tips:
· Clear driveways and pathways to propane tanks
· Keep snow and ice from accumulating on propane equipment
· Keep vents free and clear
· Mark your tank and regulator with a flag
As always we are here to help! Reach out to your Energy Account Manager or call our office at 800-445-4118.
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