Agvend and Winfield United Retailers Streamline Digital Tools

In what AgVend co-founder Alexander Reichert calls, “a no-brainer” collaboration, WinField United retailers will now be able to streamline WinField United proprietary programs in the AgVend interface. 

While more than 50% of AgVend partners are WinField United retail-owners, this collaboration is broader than just an integration as it serves the customer base and as Reichert says, “will deliver a premier digital experience to WinField United retail- owners and their growers. We have a shared culture and a shared set of values in how we serve ag retailers, which is why this collaboration is a no-brainer,”

AgVend provides white-labeled digital enablement solutions to ag retailers that want to strengthen their relationships with their customers and improve how they do business. The unified digital experience in the AgVend-built digital enablement platforms will now include access to WinField United: 

  • loyalty and incentive programs
  • financing options
  • customized agronomic prescription plans
  • risk mitigation warranties 
  • digital marketing campaigns

Reichert clarifies this is not an exclusive partnership, but rather this is indicative of a trend in technology as it’s applied across agriculture. 

“This is about improving the digital experience for the retailer and the grower—and collaborations such as this  maximize our companies’ individual strengths while allowing each party to focus on what they do best. At AgVend, we have a vision for a digitally connected supply chain, which relies on a variety of industry players working together,” Reichert says. 


Reichert says the difference between a great user experience and terrible user experience is very small.

“Making technology easy to use is extremely important. Users need to see something and understand how it’s easy to use on their own, and when you describe functionality, paying bills, seeing account information, user experiences can all sound the same. But users have to experience it for themselves. We have shared culture, shared values in how we serve ag retailers, this is why this collaboration is a no-brainer,” Reichert says. 

He adds success will be measured in adoption, which emphasizes how imperative it is to bring together technology tools to support the grower and retailer relationship. 

“We are excited to expand our relationship with AgVend. This collaboration, in combination with our owners’ trusted relationship with growers, will help our retail sellers further differentiate themselves at the farmgate,” said Brett Bruggeman, President, WinField United. “By providing unmatched, digital access to leading insights, risk management solutions and sales-enablement tools, we are converting data into actionable results with greater speed to equip our retail-owners and farmers for the future.” 


“In the past, ag technology strategies tried to support everything under the sun in one single platform,” Reichert says. “Our industry is too complex for that, and the rate of change in agriculture and technology is accelerating. Staying competitive comes down to how well companies can hone their differentiated value, and then partnering with others to achieve the best outcome for the players they serve.” 

This theme is particularly highlighted in technology tools for ag retailers to digitize their business. In the past five years, there has been increased interest by retailers to provide electronic invoicing, e-commerce, grower portals, and more grower-connectivity. 

“Instead of trying to do it all, large industry incumbents are focusing on their strengths and looking for support on the technology side. We are looking forward to onboarding more WinField United retailers into the AgVend network,” Reichert says. 


This is phase one of the vision, and in future development, the companies are looking to create greater connectivity upstream into the distributer and manufacturer space, and then build downstream opportunities such as traceability and carbon. 

“This is the type of development that will elevate retailers to compete and differentiate their business in the markets they serve,” Reichert says. 

He adds AgVend is open for additional collaborations. This latest announcement builds on AgVend’s integration ecosystem-based approach and WinField United’s existing digital partnerships. 

“The challenges facing our industry are so great, it’ll require us collectively evolving how we go to market. We have created a very collaborative network, and we know relationships like this are crucial to our vision. Additionally, strengthening the relationship between crop advisers and retailers is what digital can bring. Some think of digital as a replacement, but we see it as a way to enhance the connection and bolster the relationship.” 

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