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Carbon Intensity

Jeff Crissinger, VP of Agronomy sales / marketing “Low CI grain . . . could return $70/A to the farmer.” Carbon intensity scoring and its potential financial value has become a more engaging topic in recent months. What is carbon intensity, why is it important, and how might it benefit you? Here are a few […]

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What We Saw in Your Fields

NuWay-K&H AGRONOMY ACCOUNT MANAGERS The biggest thing we saw throughout our territory this year was yield variability that was related to the water-holding capacity of the soil. Heavier soil typically did better. Also, where the rain fell or didn’t fall often translated into higher or lower yields. A precipitation map of our territory over the

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New Talent at C-stores and Operations

Emily boelke, vp of human resources At NuWay-K&H Cooperative, our Exceptional Value, Diversity and Innovation come from one source: our people. We’re famous for telling our customers: “We have no proprietary products. The products we offer can be purchased elsewhere. What sets us apart from our competitors is our people.” We hire and retain the

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Help Us Serve You

JUSTIN COYLE, ENERGY OPERATIONS DIRECTOR With the 2023-24 heating season upon us, here are a couple of reminders to make sure our delivery staff has access to your LP and fuel tanks. Please shovel a path directly to the tank and clean your driveway after each snow event. Also, observe the height restrictions of our

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Energy Market Update – November 3, 2023

The energy markets seem to be taking a little breather today. At the time of this writing markets are down across the board. Let’s look at some of the news affecting the markets. The U.S has increased sanctions against Russia over the war in Ukraine. Seven Russian banks along with a dozen companies were added

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