Combating Early Season Weed Growth with Greeneye Selective Spraying (2024)

As the 2024 crop season begins, growers are facing a familiar foe – early weed establishment before crops even get in the ground. Thanks to an abundance of warm temperatures and rainfall this spring in our territory, fields are already seeing aggressive growth from tough weeds like giant ragweed, kochia, lambsquarters and more. Fortunately, there is a solution to controlling these weeds before planting thanks to the many benefits of AI-powered weed spraying.

The Early Bird Gets the Weed: Why Early Season Weed Control Matters

Early weed emergence poses major challenges if not addressed promptly. These early-emerging weeds become increasingly difficult to control later on, often requiring higher herbicide rates during post-emergence sprays. Early weed competition also creates openings for later flushes of yield-robbing weeds like waterhemp and palmer amaranth to move in, potentially necessitating an unplanned second post-emergence application. Plus, weed escapes and increased resistance only compound issues for future growing seasons.

The key is taking proactive steps to knock out weeds while they’re still small before planting and crop emergence. By doing so, growers gain the upper hand for a cleaner start and easier weed management all season long.

Introducing Greeneye Selective Spraying: A Cutting-Edge Solution

Growers in our area now have access to a powerful new tool for early season weed control – the Greeneye Selective Spraying system available from NuWay-K&H Cooperative. Using dual boom lines and advanced camera detection, Greeneye takes a targeted approach to both broadcast and spot spraying in a single pass.

The front broadcast spray line applies your foundation broadcast herbicide across the entire field for residual weed control. Meanwhile, the rear selective spraying line utilizes artificial intelligence to precisely identify and spot-spray only emerged green weeds in real-time with a burndown product. Greeneye’s “Green on Brown” technology ensures weeds get sprayed, but you avoid blasting the entire field when only portions have active growth.

Proven Results & Efficiency with Greeneye

Data from NuWay-K&H’s on-farm use of Greeneye in 2023 demonstrated the impressive accuracy of this system. On average, only 20% of field acres or less required spot-treatment of the rear boom. That translated into major savings on inputs while still achieving superior early-season clean-up of emerged weeds – a win-win!

Achieve a Cleaner Start & Maximize Profits with Greeneye

Whether you’re facing giant ragweed, lambsquarters, kochia or other early flushes, Greeneye provides an efficient and effective solution for tackling weeds pre-plant or pre-emerge. The result is a cleaner start and easier cruise to the finish line without heavy weed competition robbing yield potential. Contact your NuWay-K&H Cooperative agronomy manager today about utilizing the Greeneye Selective Spraying system to get ahead of early weeds in 2024.

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With this advanced camera technology on your side, you can remove this yearly headache and focus on maximizing profit potential from day one. Take advantage of these cutting-edge capabilities to gain the upper hand for a prosperous season!

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