Innovative: Introducing Greeneye

On October 25, NuWAy-K&H Agronomy loaded one of its Hagie STS1600 sprayers on a truck destined for an assembly location in Oregon. Over the winter months, this sprayer will have a GreeneyeTM Technology selective spraying system installed. This will transform our Hagie from a standard broadcast sprayer into a smart sprayer that will use camera vision, artificial intelligence, and deep learning to revolutionize how crop protection products are applied to our crops in the upcoming growing season and beyond.

Some call this Greeneye application technology “see and spray.” What it could result in is the reduction of contact herbicide use by up to 80% or more, improving weed control efficacy, increasing plant health and raising crop productivity.


Here are some key features, benefits, and components of Greeneye’s proprietary 120-foot aluminum boom system that helped NuWay-K&H Agronomy determine that Greeneye was the right fit for us:

  • Dual Line: Allows us to broadcast apply one set of crop protection products through a main spray line while simultaneously applying a second set of crop protection products through a site-specific spray line.
  • ​Out-front Boom: Because the Hagie has the boom out front, it allows our applicators to easily view the boom while spraying in order to better ensure that the system is working properly, not to mention keeping the precision components cleaner.
  • Camera Vision: Twenty-four high resolution cameras scan the spray area to gather data that is fed into the processing units to allow them to differentiate crops from weeds.
  • High Intensity Lighting: Seventy-two high intensity lights on the spray boom constantly illuminate the camera viewing area to eliminate shadowing and help with accurate plant identification.
  • ​Processing Power: Twelve processing units identify weeds as small as one inch and trigger the appropriate spray nozzles in real time at speeds up to 15 miles per hour.
  • Spray Nozzle Resolution: The precision line will have 144 individually controlled nozzles at 10-inch spacing, giving this system the highest spray resolution in the industry and making it highly efficient.
  • Separate Precision-Line Spray Tank: Having a separate spray tank on the sprayer allows us to use our full 1,600-gallon main tank capacity, effectively reducing load frequency.
  • Data Collection and Scouting Reports: While traveling through the field, the Greeneye system will use artificial intelligence to identify and map weed densities down to the species level, as well as take crop stand counts, allowing us to use this information in other future applications. Eventually Greeneye hopes to also identify nutrient deficiencies, insects, and disease presence during the spray pass.
  • Potential Banding Capability: When see and spray applications are not necessary, dual lines and nozzles at 10-inch spacing should also give us the ability to specifically apply value-added products such as biologicals, fungicides, and micronutrients directly over the row using the precision line, while applying broadcast herbicides through the main line. This will help growers spread out input dollars and boost crop production potential.


In 2023, NuWay-K&H Agronomy will have four main initiatives for its new Greeneye technology:

1. Find ways to create product use efficiencies through enhanced application strategies to utilize customers input dollars more effectively.

2. Help customers re-invest and re-allocate resources into additional yield enhancement strategies to create increased yields and incremental profit at the farmgate.

3. Explore opportunities to help determine if reduced applications of pesticides to crops can increase overall soil and plant health plus improve productivity.

4. Explore avenues related to environmental and sustainability benefits for both customers and NuWay Agronomy.

Greeneye Technology uses the slogan “Spray Less, Grow More” and we couldn’t agree more. Together, 

our mission is to apply crop protection products more efficiently to increase productivity and profitability for our customers.

Are you interested in trying Greeneye in 2023? We are developing options for you to choose from in order to easily match the right approach to your operational goals. Contact your NuWay-K&H Agronomy account manager to discuss your options.

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