Our 2023 Greeneye Technology Experience

Our 2023 Greeneye Technology Experience

By: Jeff Crissinger, VP of Agronomy Sales / Marketing

On March 18, 2023, our Hagie STS1600 arrived back at our Welcome facility after being retrofitted in Oregon with a Greeneye™ Technology selective spraying system. Since that time, we’ve learned a lot about the Greeneye system in particular and selective spraying in general as we put this new application technology into practice.

As of mid-July, we have successfully used the Greeneye machine to apply crop protection products in preplant, pre-emerge, and post emerge scenarios on over 6,500 acres of corn and soybeans, with more acres ahead. Using selective spraying technology rather than broadcast spraying, we typically apply from 10-30% of the field, depending on timing of the operation and weed density within. This level of efficiency allows us to stack contact herbicides to provide maximum weed control in a field and fight weed resistance.

For example, in post emerge corn fields we’ve been able to spray a grower standard package of Roundup®, Incinerate™, and atrazine through the broadcast line, and then add another broadleaf product called Diflexx® through the selective spraying line to significantly enhance control of tough to kill weeds like waterhemp and giant ragweed.

We have also successfully used the Greeneye system in banding scenarios where we apply value-added yield enhancement products in a 10” band directly over the crop row with the selective spraying line, while applying a growers standard herbicide program through the broadcast line. The yield enhancement products include micronutrients, plant growth regulators, and stress mitigation products. We’re running different combinations on corn and on soybeans. Check with your NuWay-K&H Agronomy account manager after harvest to learn more about the effectiveness of these trials.

Throughout the season, we have had an excellent relationship with Greeneye and worked closely with them to improve the overall effectiveness of the selective spraying system in the current crop season. We’ve also collaborated with Greeneye on enhancing the system for future years. Some broad enhancements we’re working on with Greeneye include:

  • Increased sensitivity of the algorithm to ensure that weeds as small as 1” or less are identified and sprayed effectively.
  • Development and testing of specialized spray nozzle technology that allows improved coverage of contact herbicides like Liberty®.
  • Improved durability of system components to ensure that downtime is minimized and reliability is maximized when operating the system in the high-demand environments of ag retail.
  • Discovery and utilization of advanced. and automated loading systems that. will increase sprayed acres per hour by. efficiently reducing the amount of time it. takes to load products into the spray tanks on the machine.
  • Improved and increased access, evaluation, and representation of data points collected in the field during the selective spraying pass to better assess current selective spraying outcomes and utilize information collected in future spray operations.

As expected, 2023 has been a learning curve. There are always challenges throughout launch and implementation of any new technology. Ultimately, however, the initial season working with Greeneye selective spraying technology was very successful and has given us valuable experience as we help lead the industry into this advanced method of application. Iwould like to thank all of the customers who have helped us implement this technology.

If you are interested in trying Greeneye Technology for crop protection or yield enhancement strategies in soybeans, acres are still available for the 2023 crop season. Please contact your account manager to learn more.


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