Testing and Refining the Greeneye

Testing and Refining the Greeneye

By: David Anderson and Ryan Schmidt / Agronomy Operations Directors

Obviously, the new Greeneye™ Technology comes with new challenges as we try to gain efficiencies. It’s been a learning process as far as how to tend the sprayer equipped with Greeneye and what chemistry to use.

We’ve made some changes for the short term, and we’re considering other changes for the long term. For instance, we’re looking at different tending equipment that can reduce our load times dramatically and enable us to tend that machine with one trailer verses having multiple trailers in the same field.

With the new Greeneye Technology, we want to underpromise and over-deliver. We’re doing everything we can to make that machine as efficient as possible, without making promises we can’t keep. That will mean making minor (and perhaps a few major) tweaks to the equipment as we look for ways to gain efficiency.


Another thing NuWay-K&H Agronomy operations has been testing with one of our sprayers is a chemical loading system that can be done directly from an Apple iPad. It’s called QuickDraw Spray Tender System from SurePoint. This system will measure, pump and load crop protection chemicals with the touch of a button. We tell it what we want to put in that sprayer, and it will pretty much do the work for us.

This new technology takes the human element out of the process and drastically reduces our loading time. So far, its getting very positive reviews.

This spring, we also demoed a prototype dry TerraGator® from AGCO with 90-foot booms. We got to use this TerraGator® for well over half of the season.

NuWay-K&H Agronomy is willing to try new things in order to be on the cutting edge. In the end, we want to do more for you with less

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