Peking Beans Yield in Cyst Fields

As we continue to monitor soybean cyst nematode (SCN) resistance, we’re seeing more Peking (versus P188788) bean varieties as the best replacement options. We’re recommending the Peking race of resistant beans, like Brevant’s B182EE and B202EE, and also NK’s NK14-WGE3 and NK19-T8E3. In our data group, Peking beans are outyielding P188788 beans in their maturity class.

With the increase in SCN activity locally, we encourage you to meet with your agronomy manager to discuss your bean seed options for cyst nematode, as well as beans resistant to iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC). See below.


IDC was visible in many fields this year and it did affect yield. Why this season? It was somewhat wet early, but nitrogen carryover might be the culprit.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Variety selection – Soybean varieties vary greatly in their tolerance to IDC. The most successful management strategy is to select a soybean variety with tolerance to IDC. Most seed companies report IDC tolerance values for their varieties.
  • Minimize nitrate carry-over from the previous crop. Excess soil nitrates can worsen an IDC problem by further inhibiting the plants ability to take up iron.
  • Battling either cyst nematode or IDC? Ask your account manager to help with your seed placement plans. NOTE: Everyone is focused on placing corn, but bean placement could have a bigger effect on your operation.


As we rode in your combines at corn harvest, we noticed a significate amount of waterhemp and grasses have re-emerged. The weed seed generated by these breakthroughs could damage prospects for your soybeans the following year.

For this reason, we recommend that you consider applying a post emergence residual herbicide in your corn fields next year. Acuron® or Resicore® are leading options.


Certain crop protection products may be in short supply this year because of the chemicals required to manufacture them are in short supply. This is something we need to manage through. The sooner you make your decision as to what platforms to use, the better job we’ll be able to do in securing the products you need.

Meet with your NuWay-K&H Agronomy account manager over winter and make plans, especially if you have tar spot in your fields. There may be a shortage of fungicide also.

When you do, plan your seed placement strategies suggested at the top of this story. Entering the 2023 growing season with a plan is better than making no plans at all.

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