Replacing Nutrients for 2024

Hannah Ammann and Tyler Brolsma,
FarmRX Site Specific Ag Specialists

In 2022 we saw some record-breaking crops. One would argue we weren’t too far behind for the 2023 crop season. With those yields we will further need to look at the data to keep up with nutrient removal. In doing so, we need a compiled set of yield data both past and current as well as up-to-date grid samples.

The industry standard when it comes to grid samples is that they should be taken every four years and during the growing season. This gives you time to plan your fall applications. However, if you feel you’ve gotten behind make sure to contact your NuWay-K&H agronomy account manager to see which fields need sampling for the next growing season.

We can quickly run our recommendations for replacing nutrients removed by previous crops with both yield and grid sample data, and you can still make provisions for additional fertilizer applications for the 2024 crop season. With a good history of yield data and grid samples, we are also able to create a productivity zone to make the correct recommendations tailored for your fields. In doing so, this can help us be proactive in staying ahead of the yield curve.

Planning for Future Crops

It is always good to plan ahead. In February and March, we’ll hold preseason meetings with our Datalink growers to discuss 2023 data, 2024 plans, and further talk about whether you have grid-sampled your fields recently and what timing would be best for summer sampling. That way, we can put a plan in place to satisfy your 2024 data needs to grid sample in the summer of 2024 for the 2025 crop year and beyond, instead of post-harvest season when there is a potential for delay between grid sampling and fall application.

Another consideration is this: fertilizer prices are often lowest in July and August. Having an idea of how much you need at that time can position you to purchase the nutrients you need at a better price.

Talk to your NuWay-K&H Agronomy Account Manager if you want an analysis of the nutrients removed from prior crop years.

“We can help position you to purchase nutrients you need at a better price.”
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