New Talent at C-stores and Operations

Emily boelke, vp of human resources

At NuWay-K&H Cooperative, our Exceptional Value, Diversity and Innovation come from one source: our people. We’re famous for telling our customers: “We have no proprietary products. The products we offer can be purchased elsewhere. What sets us apart from our competitors is our people.”

We hire and retain the most talented and service-minded people.

In this issue of the Communicator, I will introduce you to some new people in our c-stores and in our operations division and tell you about some familiar faces you will see in new places.

With the retirement of Vickie Hoppman, assistant manager Taylor Kelley-Koch has been promoted to manager of our Thornton store. She has been with us for four years. (See story on Vickie Hoppman, page 9.) Britney Watson will become the assistant manager at Thornton. (See more on Britney in this article.)

At the beginning of November, Jeremy Miller resigned his position as assistant manager at our Thompson store. Betsi Gant, an employee at Thompson, is currently training for the position of assistant manager there.

In agronomy operations, Devon Jenniges was hired this past July. (Read more about Devon in this article.)


Britney Watson – Assistant Manager at Thornton

Joining NuWay-K&H Cooperative at the Thornton store in August, Britney Watson is currently training for her new position as assistant manager.

Britney grew up in two small Iowa towns, Coulter and Clarion, graduating from Clarion Goldfield Dows High School. Interested in early childhood education and business, she has decided to get some real-world experience before pursuing additional education.

She moved to Thorton two years ago, and as a customer, she was impressed by our retail store. So, she decided to apply for a job. “I love the community and I love the people who work and do business at the store,” she says. “They are super nice.”

Britney brings an attitude of customer service to her new position as assistant manager. “I try to please everyone the best I can,” she says.

Britney’s hobbies include doing diamond dot paintings, reading, going on car rides and hiking with her boyfriend, Brandon and dog, Tank.


Devon Jenniges – Agronomy Operations at Welcome

Our newest agronomy operations employee grew up in Lakefield, MN, lived in Royal, just east of Spencer, IA, and graduated from Central H.S. of Clay County (Clay Central).

After high school, Devon moved to Wells, MN to roof hog barns and learned liquid manure drag lining. Later, he moved back to Lakefield where he worked as an applicator of dry fertilizer, NH3 and crop protection products.

In July, he signed on with NuWay-K&H Cooperative. “I felt NuWay-K&H offered a better opportunity to grow and learn new things,” says Devon, who acknowledges that he doesn’t want to be an applicator all his life. “I’d like to move up and become a facilities manager or a salesman,” he states.

Devon is a self-admitted “gearhead” who likes working on snowmobiles, diesel pickups—really anything with motors. His favorite pastime is wrenching and spending time with his family, which includes his seven-month-old son Paxton and his girlfriend, Cassandra. Devon and his family currently live in Mountain Lake.

“I’ve been around agriculture all my life,” says Devon. “I have uncles who farm, and from a very young age, I was in the seat of a tractor.”

“We hire and retain the most talented and service-minded people.”
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