Tired of the Same Story? Not me!

Kevin Jones, President / CEO

Boring can be good.

Boring may be negatively associated with lack of change that adds spice to life, but it can also be good when it comes to success.

Reporting one successful year after another may be “boring” to some but “beautiful” to others. With the latter idea in mind, it is my honor to report to you that your company, NuWay-K&H Cooperative, has once again completed a strong financial year. We’ve strengthened our balance sheet, reduced our debt, and continued to retire your equity earlier than before. In fact, in all likelihood, NuWay-K&H Cooperative will be 100% debt-free by the end of this next fiscal year.

For more, read Tyler Olson’s story “FY2023 Results – Consistency Continues” on page Pg. 3.

For even more details on our recently completed fiscal year, I encourage voting members to review our 2023 Annual Report, which will soon arrive in your mail. Along with that report, you will receive a ballot to mark and return to us. As terms are completed and seats open, members have both the right and the responsibility to elect directors to represent them on our board. Please exercise this privilege.

So, what is next for your farmer-owned cooperative? Hopefully, more of the same: Diversity, Innovation and Exceptional Value resulting in more successful year-end reports.

“Achieving the same level of success in 2024 will require all of us to do more with less.”


Accomplishing this in our current climate of high inflation and short labor will require all of us to do more with less. It will involve investing in the technology, equipment and practices necessary to do things at least cost and in a shorter time period with the best people. We’re focused on this goal.

We’re also focused on helping you generate value through sustainability while, at the same time, improving our own carbon footprint. See Jeff Crissinger’s article about “Carbon Intensity” on Pg. 14.

None of us want to live boring lives, but I for one am happy to admit that I like reporting boring financial results, especially when they are consistently successful, like NuWay-K&H Cooperative’s 2023 fiscal year.

Here’s to another boring report in 2024!

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