Propane truck filling LP tank



by: Justin Coyle, Energy Operations Manager

You know how important it is to have diesel fuel on your farm when you need it, in the spring and in the fall. Talk to your energy account manager about the benefits of upgrading diesel storage on your farm, including the value of purchasing fuel in larger quantities and the ability to store more fuel when supplies are tight.

Your account manager can look back and determine how much you have used in the past, and they will work directly with me to get what you need.


For several reasons, including the markets and what we think yards and roads will look like this spring, it may be the first part of June before we start spring fill. NOTE: We want to begin filling our customers propane tanks as early as possible. We’ll send out more information on your opportunity to take a “spring fill” of propane in a postcard mailing to current customers. Right now, it looks like spring fill prices will be attractive, compared to winter prices. Work through your energy account managers once you receive the postcard. They’ll have all the details.

With Cenex™ Top Tier products and everything from diesel, gasoline, propane and lubricants to oil, grease, fluids, antifreezes – and even warranty programs, NuWay-K&H Cooperative is ready to meet your seasonal and year-round energy needs with people who know how to deliver. Learn more about our energy products here.

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