Going Hog Wild

We believe being a part of a community means giving back to that community. We want to be an employer of choice and provide opportunities for our team and their families to thrive in the hometowns we serve.

We don’t donate, serve or volunteer to wave our own flag. It’s part of our DNA. Whether as a business or as individuals, we operate with generosity, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to the communities where we live and work. That is why we were excited to support Going Hog Wild in Martin County. Going Hog Wild is an initiative by Imagine Martin and was developed to spotlight businesses, organizations and the thriving pork industry in our county. How is this done? With 27 hog statues, of course! Each statue is made of concrete and weighs 400 pounds! Local artists donate their time and talents and paint each statue, which is sponsored by area businesses. Once the final works of art are completed they are proudly displayed throughout Martin County. 

This year, we had the opportunity to sponsor “Diesel” who was thoughtfully designed by artist Ayanna Boerner. Diesel is now proudly stationed at our main office where he will remain for the foreseeable future. We are excited to have him there to welcome visitors to Trimont as well as to our office! To learn more about Going Hog Wild and to find a map of the statues visit www.goinghogwildinmartincounty.com

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