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Best Lubricant Prices

NuWay-K&H Energy Account Managers The Annual NuWay-K&H Oil Sale is in full swing. All packaged or bulk lubricants, including grease, are on sale from November through February. This is a good time to fill at a discounted price going into spring—and perhaps for the entire crop production season. Most products are reduced in price by […]

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Carbon Intensity

Jeff Crissinger, VP of Agronomy sales / marketing “Low CI grain . . . could return $70/A to the farmer.” Carbon intensity scoring and its potential financial value has become a more engaging topic in recent months. What is carbon intensity, why is it important, and how might it benefit you? Here are a few

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What We Saw in Your Fields

NuWay-K&H AGRONOMY ACCOUNT MANAGERS The biggest thing we saw throughout our territory this year was yield variability that was related to the water-holding capacity of the soil. Heavier soil typically did better. Also, where the rain fell or didn’t fall often translated into higher or lower yields. A precipitation map of our territory over the

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New Talent at C-stores and Operations

Emily boelke, vp of human resources At NuWay-K&H Cooperative, our Exceptional Value, Diversity and Innovation come from one source: our people. We’re famous for telling our customers: “We have no proprietary products. The products we offer can be purchased elsewhere. What sets us apart from our competitors is our people.” We hire and retain the

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Help Us Serve You

JUSTIN COYLE, ENERGY OPERATIONS DIRECTOR With the 2023-24 heating season upon us, here are a couple of reminders to make sure our delivery staff has access to your LP and fuel tanks. Please shovel a path directly to the tank and clean your driveway after each snow event. Also, observe the height restrictions of our

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